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Data Management Program + GCP, GDMP Certificates

Kriger Research Center offers you an OPPORTUNITY FOR A career IN clinical data management Through AN EXCITING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 


The information below is provided to assist you to make an informed decision when choosing a career in clinical trials and the biopharmaceutical industry in general.

As you may know, the major pharmaceutical companies generate their revenues from a few key Brand Name products.  When the patents expire on these products, other pharmaceutical companies may produce a generic drug based on the “brand-name drug” which will inevitably lead to a loss of profits.

 In the next few years, many key patents will expire and major pharmaceutical companies (i.e. Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Apotex, GlaxoSmithKline etc.) will be looking to bring new pharmaceutical products off the laboratory bench and onto the pharmacy shelves.

This major boom in new pharmaceutical products will occur within the next two years.  In order to accommodate this, the pharmaceutical industry is going to transition from pre-clinical R & D to large scale Clinical Trial work.  As such, the industry is witnessing a sky rocketing demand for CRPs (Clinical Research Professionals)! In depth industry analyses shows that unless serious measures are taken Clinical Trial Sector will face major lack of professionals already in the next several months.

If you are seriously considering a career in clinical research as a Clinical Research Professional (CRP), you know that the job requirements typically read "Bachelors degree in computer and or Life Sciences, Database Administrators, IT specialists, SAS Programmers, Other Programmers, Oracle Specialists, Data Base Specialist, nursing, pharmacy, medical, sociology etc. with formal knowledge of ICH GCP guidelines, clinical research data management regulations (ICH GCP and GCDMP), clinical trial monitoring, knowledge and understanding of FDA and/or TPD regulations".

Another hurdle neophytes must overcome is “practical experience”.  All CRP job descriptions, list “one or two years experience” as a minimum requirement."  Many, otherwise qualified candidates, often find themselves in a typical Catch-22 situation:  You need experience to get hired yet how do you acquire the prerequisite experience without being hired?

Through extensive research and collaboration with hundreds of Sponsors, Investigational Sites, and CROs, KRC has created a unique training program to accommodate both industry specific knowledge and skills and practical clinical trial experience.  This program is designed to provide training in ICH GCP guidelines, clinical trial monitoring, investigative site coordination, knowledge and understanding of FDA and TPD regulations.  Most importantly, we provide practical, real world, clinical trial experience through our internship program.  Our students participate in four of our current clinical research projects to get extensive practical, work related experience.  This experience is critical to securing one's first position in this industry and is unique to KRC's CRP training programs.

Equipped with years of experience in creating and providing trainings, we developed an understanding that the only qualified instructors are individuals employed in the industry.  To this end,  KRC Inc. takes a very serious approach to choosing the most qualified industry professionals to lead our training programs. To be considered for a position as an on-line or in-class course instructor, a candidate must be currently employed on a full time basis in the industry, hold advanced academic qualifications and have proven relevant industry/training experience.

The combination of quality and accessibility of these training programs lead to our outstanding reputation in the industry and make us the number one corporate training choice for several leading international pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

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If you feel that you possess the appropriate background, and are interested in pursuing this exciting and lucrative career, then we encourage you to  review our demo session and/or register for the program.

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