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Career Placement

Career Placement

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Our graduates get written and phone references on their project participation reflecting all appropriate details. Without proper reference letters it is not worthwhile approaching any serious employer.

You also can get active help in your resume editing. Remember, your resume is the first step to get a job. 

We have good working relationships with most reputable clinical research recruiters such as Kelly Scientific Resources, clinical research organizations (CRO), and pharmaceutical companies that recognize us as a reputable organization. We also have an affiliated recruitment agency Biorole Scientific Solutions Inc. All our graduates are eligible to post their resumes on its web based database www.biorole.com.

The famous recruiter for biopharmaceutical industry:  Woolf Group is routinely recommending KRC Inc. training in their e-mails to unqualified candidates. 

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Please review our graduates' testimonials to see how they succeeded in their careers after completion of training programs with us.