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Experience within the biopharmaceutical industry

 KRGI Internship Programs


Internships for science graduates  are available at  KRGI. These internships are intended to  increase the intern's understanding of current biopharmaceutical industry practices  on international level and give them a hands-on experience  in working  with  the Kriger Research Group in particular.

Internships are available for science graduates that are planning on pursuing a career in the biopharmaceutical and clinical research industry. It is highly recommended to complete industry specific training that is offered by industry leaders as a prerequisite for obtaining such positions. These programs provide the groundwork to perform industry specific tasks that are intrinsic to any clinical trial. They are designed for those who plan on applying for the following positions: clinical research associates, clinical research coordinators, safety officers, clinical research managers, regulatory affairs, medical writers, quality assurance officers, clinical
data managers, SAS programmers and a multitude of other industry specializations. Each intern will be assigned to perform specific tasks and these tasks will be based upon real-life industry documentation such as clinical protocols, SOP's (standard operating procedures) and so on.

These tasks present a unique opportunity to engage in actual clinical trial design and implementation. Therefore, the more potential trainees engage in such practices the more the industry benefits because they will be retaining the services of individuals with not only the skills but the experience necessary to fulfill their staffing requirements.

Furthermore, the individuals that obtain this internship experience will be provided with experience that would normally take years to acquire and the ability to review and work on clinical protocols and study timelines will be an invaluable asset and job related activity on any resume. Participation in such internship programs is pivotal in order to build self-confidence and gain practical clinical experience. Kriger's supervisors offer a world of practical experience and will be in constant contact with its inters ensuring that they not only benefit from their experience but build the requisite expertise that every industry leader seeks. Therefore, Kriger will provide references based upon active involvement in project participation, and these references could be crucial for future employment within the industry.

As with any industry, clinical-based experienced is conducive to precipitating an image of reliability and technical superiority. Simply possessing the experience is enough to convince most employers of an individuals commitment to the clinical process and will quickly elevate an individuals application with any company. These programs are provided in collaboration with the International Biopharmaceutical Association (IBPA), and we believe that this joint effort to organize such internships will provide the Industry with a more balance, disciplined, and experienced work force. Any industry that can advance its potential workforce will profit from the fruits of its labor and we feel that the Biopharmaceutical Industry will not be any different.

You participate and gain unique experience in the following projects:

  • Efficacy of the lowering effect of XXXXX* on Blood concentrations of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
  • Phase II Study the Efficacy of the healing effect of XXXXX
  • Phase I Study the safety and Dose determination of XXXXX for melanoma and colon cancer.
  • Survey: Proper Use and Cost Reduction strategies for prescription and non-prescription drug
  • Submission of an article to International Biopharmaceutical Association publication

(* - XXXXX replaces the confidential information. You will get access to this information after signing a confidentiality agreement.)



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